Flexibility Groep supports enterprising people in developing countries

The Flexibility Groep believes social engagement is vital. We not only work daily in pursuit of our own objectives, but want to contribute to a better world free of poverty. That is why we support the work of Oxfam Novib as a business ambassador.

Oxfam Novib supports people living in poverty in developing countries. They are often unable to borrow from a bank. Oxfam Novib’s microfinancing program provides small loans for enterprising people in developing countries. That gives them an opportunity to set up their own microbusiness and build up an independent living, so they can build their own future and the future of the country. We support these initiatives as a business ambassador.

"Oxfam Novib wants to work with the business community to build a world free of poverty with equal opportunities for all, by giving underprivileged people access to microcredit. Everything that Oxfam Novib does is based on the power of the people themselves. Self-reliance is essential in order to develop an independent existence. It also contributes to the sustainable economic development of a country.”

Tom van der Lee, Director of Campaigns, Oxfam Novib

Statement Flexibility Groep regarding misconduct of some former Oxfam employees in Haiti

The Flexibility Groep regrets the incidents in Haiti by previous employees of Oxfam Great-Britain. As a business ambassador, we are shocked by the current affairs. The behavior of these employees are a disgrace for all the humanitarian work people of Oxfam do.

At this moment, we are deliberating whether we will be affiliated as a business ambassador for Oxfam Novib. We’ll keep you posted.