Health at work

What should you do if you are sick when working through Flexibility Multilingual?

Calling in sick

If you cannot come to work because you are sick, you must call in sick on time and in the correct way. On the first day of sickness you must call in sick to your Flexibility Multilingual entrepreneur and to the client by telephone before 9:00 AM. If you cannot call in sick yourself, ask someone else to call on your behalf. Also make sure you are reachable so you can be contacted at any time. 

Reporting fit for work

When you are fit for work again, you must immediately notify the Flexibility Multilingual entrepreneur, the client, and FlexCom4. The number of FlexCom4 is 024-3741666.

Sickness benefits

In certain cases you are entitled to sickness benefit. The amount and duration of the benefit will of course depend on your personal situation. As well as the right to sick pay, there are a number of obligations. These are described in the sickness absence protocol which we give you when you sign your contract. 


We will support you in getting back to work. We will work with you to do everything possible to shorten the period of absence and speed up your recovery. 

Sickness absence protocol

The sickness absence protocol sets out the agreements between Flexibility Multilingual and the temporary employee as clearly as possible, including the rules on interaction between the sick employee and the employer.  If you have any further questions, e-mail or call a Flexibility Multilingual branch in your area.