What is self-employed placement?

Self-employed placement means that we act as an intermediary between self-employed people and clients. We put clients requiring the services of a self-employed person in touch with self-employed people who have the right skills for the assignment. 

Self-employed placement with Flexibility Multilingual

Flexibility Multilingual has a wide range of self-employed assignments throughout the country. We have a large network of companies eager to hire self-employed people as independent contractors. Whenever we arrange a placement for you, we look for assignments that fit in with your skills and requirements. We also support you by providing and applying for the right papers. We operate in various fields, including financial, secretarial, administrative, logistics, IT, commercial, marketing, HR, and technology.

Self-employed assignments

On our website you will find our full range of vacancies and you can easily register your interest. Would you like to be kept informed of attractive vacancies? Create a Vacancy Alert and you will receive the latest vacancies in your field by e-mail. You can of course also register online and leave your resume with us. 

Are you looking for an assignment? Check out our self-employed vacancies or contact a Flexibility Multilingual branch in your area.