Self-employed placement

Are you looking for specialists you can hire on a self-employed basis? Flexibility Multilingual will help you find the right self-employed professional. We have a large network of experienced self-employed people. They are the best in their field and can be deployed rapidly.

Self-employed placement with Flexibility Multilingual

We act as an intermediary between you as the client and the self-employed person. We find the most suitable candidates for the assignment on the basis of an initial interview. Whether it is for a small assignment or a large-scale project requiring several self-employed people, we will always find an appropriate solution. Of course, you can be sure that all our self-employed people have the right “VAR” declaration of independent contractor status and other necessary documents.

Advantages of self-employed placement

  • Flexibility Multilingual in your workforce
  • Saves time
  • No worries about administrative and contractual matters

Our strength

We use very careful selection procedures. We only present our choice to you once we are certain that we have found the most suitable candidates. Our entrepreneurs go the extra mile and always ensure the right match.

Looking for an experienced self-employed person for an assignment or project? Post your vacancy or contact a branch in your area.