About our company

At Flexibility, employers find candidates suited to their needs. Whether permanent or temporary, they’re always the best in their field. Flexibility helps candidates find the ideal place to do justice to their specialist skills.


You don’t need a brick-and-mortar site downtown to be successful as an employment agency. Flexibility is the first provider in the temporary employment sector to prove that. We are a franchise organization with virtual branches nationwide. All of our branches are operated by enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
Flexibility’s entrepreneurs have a passion for their profession and many years of experience. Even more importantly, they have short communication lines to clients and jobseekers in their region. Thanks to the professional support provided by our service center, our entrepreneurs can devote all their time and energy to candidates and employers. In short, with Flexibility you do business in a personal way and always have a single point of contact. It is a formula that clearly works.

Flexibility is an innovative organization. We work constantly to integrate new developments in our business operations. It will come as no surprise that Flexibility has been nominated for the 2014 Franchise Innovation Prize awarded by NFV, the Dutch Franchise Association, and we have been voted the most innovative organization in the temporary employment sector.


The Flexibility Group was formed in 2006 and is the first franchise formula with virtual branches in the temporary employment sector. Our organization stands for flexibility in the broadest sense of the word. We provide our entrepreneurs with everything they need to be successful and flexible and contribute to the development of people and organizations every day. Flexibility has now grown into a tried and tested formula with over 120 successful franchisees in the Netherlands and Belgium under six different brands.

Léon Verhaar

Léon Verhaar is the CEO and founder of Flexibility. He was previously one of the driving forces behind Creyf's Uitzendbureau. Under his commercial leadership, Creyf's grew from sixteen to over one hundred branches throughout the Netherlands, achieving annual organic growth of over 50%.

At Numerando, Léon and his two colleagues then expanded from ten employees to over 300 employees in a space of five years. He is a source of inspiration and a creator of job placement businesses and has shown time and again that his entrepreneurial vision delivers success.

When it became clear in 2005 that people were increasingly using the Internet to find the right job, he did not hesitate for a second. It was time for him to sell his stake in Numerando and start his own success story, Flexibility. This is a completely new franchise formula in the temporary employment sector and the first virtual franchise-based temporary employment agency in the Netherlands.

Drawing on his wide experience in previous jobs in the industry, Léon Verhaar has played a pioneering role in the temporary employment sector, being the first to introduce a franchise formula with virtual branches. His energy and vision are a source of inspiration for the entrepreneurs who have chosen Flexibility.