Vacation workers

In vacation periods you can use a few extra pairs of hands. Are you expecting peak workload during the high season? Is your permanent employee away for a few weeks? Vacation workers are the ideal solution. They can be deployed rapidly and will be happy to help you out.

Vacation workers from Flexibility Multilingual

Need vacation coverage? Flexibility Multilingual will come to you this summer! And of course we are also happy to find good temporary employees for you during the rest of the year. Our candidates are eager to start working with you. They are mainly students who are available during the summer months. The vacation workers join Flexibility Multilingual on a flexible basis and can start working with you right away. That means your organization can continue to run smoothly even in vacation periods.

Why Flexibility Multilingual?

All our branches are run by enthusiastic, independent entrepreneurs. They have a wide knowledge of the job market and an extensive network. We are also very active online. Students and other vacation workers are eager to be on our vacancy sites.

Advantages of vacation workers

  • Very flexible deployment
  • Motivated workers who learn fast
  • Very affordable (we offer special rates from June 1 to August 31)

Do you want to hire vacation workers? Post your vacancy or contact a branch in your area.