Temporary employment agency

Do you have a permanent employee who is unavailable due to vacation, sickness, or leave? If you need a short-term replacement, a good temporary employee is worth his or her weight in gold. Flexibility Multilingual will be happy to help you with a temporary extension to your workforce. Our experienced entrepreneurs will select the best candidates for your vacancy in no time. That means a temporary employee can start working for you very soon!

Temporary employment with Flexibility Multilingual

Once we have found the right candidate for you, he or she will work for Flexibility Multilingual on a flexible basis. We will then make him or her available to you. As well as recruiting the right temporary employee, we will handle all the administration for you.

Flexibility Multilingual caters to various fields, including commercial, IT, marketing, HR, administrative, financial, secretarial, logistics, and technology.

Advantages of temporary employment

  • The temporary employee is not on your payroll
  • Extended probation period and limited notice period
  • Flexible staffing to cover peak workloads, reorganizations, or projects
  • No employer’s risks and liabilities

Looking for a good temporary employee? Post your vacancy or contact a branch in your area.