With payrolling, your personnel go onto our payroll. That means we are legally the employer. You remain responsible for the recruitment and selection of your personnel (whether permanent or temporary). Working with a payroll agency is the ideal way to set up your organization flexibly. It enables you to limit your employer's risks as far as possible and save a great deal of administration and organization.

Payrolling with Flexibility Multilingual

On paper, your employee works for Flexibility Multilingual. That means we are legally the employer. We relieve you of all the administration involved in employment. For example, we handle all the employment contracts, payroll administration, payroll tax returns, and annual statements. We charge a fixed rate per hour worked. That makes the costs transparent. Because we are legally the employer, we also take over the employment law risks from you. For example, you do not have to continue paying salary in the event of sickness and we fulfil the obligations relating to the Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit Act.

We provide our payroll services in all fields, including financial, secretarial, administrative, logistics, IT, commercial, marketing, HR, and technology.

Advantages of payrolling

  • No bother with employment records
  • Limited employer’s risks

Why Flexibility Multilingual?

Good people make a business great. Whatever your personnel requirement, Flexibility Multilingual will help your organization to find the best talent. We are an experienced and enthusiastic firm that operates nationwide. Our entrepreneurs go the extra mile and always ensure the right match.

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