Contingent work agency

Sometimes you may need to strengthen your workforce for a few weeks or months, for example for a major project, temporary replacement of a permanent employee, or seasonal employment. Contingent employment provides a fast, appropriate solution. Are you desperate for specialists for a short period? Flexibility Multilingual will be happy to help you fulfil your assignments for a specific period. Whatever the reason, we will provide the right professional who can get the job done for you.

Contingent employment with Flexibility Multilingual

The contingent employee will work at Flexibility Multilingual for a fixed term. You hire the employee for a specific period (phase B). In formal terms, the contingent employee is employed by Flexibility Multilingual, which means we assume all the employer’s obligations. If the parties are happy with the collaboration, you can ultimately hire the contingent employee yourself.

Flexibility Multilingual caters to different fields, including commercial, IT, marketing, HR, administrative, financial, secretarial, logistics, and technology.

Advantages of contingent employment

  • Flexible staffing for projects, reorganizations, etc.
  • The employee is not on the payroll
  • Continuity
  • Limited employment risk (including sickness risk)
  • No employer’s liabilities
  • Extended probation period

Flexibility Multilingual: your contingent work agency

With Flexibility Multilingual you do business in a personal way. We always ensure the right match between the employer and the candidate, combining the knowledge of a large organization with the power of local entrepreneurship. With Flexibility Multilingual you always have a single point of contact. Whatever your personnel requirement, our enthusiastic, independent entrepreneurs will be happy to help you.

Are you interested in contingent employment? Post your vacancy or contact a branch in your area.